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How Acara’s hybrid events shifted Product Marketing World's growth plans
Product Marketing World is a global events organization that hosted in-person events for 1,000s of product marketers across the globe. They had a jam-packed schedule and would be in multiple continents, multiple times a month.
The problem.
COVID happened. From one day to the next, their business model dramatically changed. In-person events were no longer allowed and their schedule for the foreseeable had to adapt. And quick.

They made their name by bringing together the largest gathering of product marketers to network, share knowledge, and learn. Now they needed to maintain that proposition but without face-to-face interaction.
The solution.
They needed a continuity plan that stood the test of the pandemic. They wanted to continue bringing product marketers together but in a safe way, and also needed to ensure the in-person arm of their organization didn’t fade away.

Acara’s event platform, covering everything from in-person, to virtual and hybrid, fit the bill. It granted Product Marketing World the flexibility they needed to succeed.
As soon as we heard about Acara and adopted their platform, it really did put us at ease.
Having to react so quickly meant we didn’t have the time to spend time building websites from scratch or shelling out for developers. Acara really did save us.
Richard King,
Founder of Product Marketing World
Enter Acara.
With our support, Product Marketing World quickly shifted to a hybrid approach. Quite literally overnight, they were able to move their in-person communities online and enable those networking opportunities in a digital environment.

As parts of the world began to reopen and go back to some form of normality, they were also able to swiftly react on a city-by-city level and get their in-person events back up and running, safely.
They went from a successful, solely in-person events organization, to an equally successful, continually thriving in-person and digital events company.