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Audience portal
Unlock compelling virtual, hybrid, and on-demand events. Run your own live video streams, build a library of on-demand content and allow your community to meaningfully interact through our chat function.
Hybrid experiences like no other
We make it easier than ever to run seamless hybrid events. No juggling solutions. No compromise.

Host awesome physical conferences and stream them directly into Acara’s audience portal, our platform designed to delight virtual viewers. With Acara, no attendee gets left behind.
Host full-scale virtual events
Create your own virtual venue and invite audiences of any type or size. Acara facilitates interactive rooms, dedicated to engage attendees and bring them back for more.

Virtual doesn’t have to mean distant - feel closer than ever to your community.
Acara’s audience portal
Customized dashboard
We’re all about keeping things personal. So, we’ve created customized dashboards for each and every event attendee. Members can keep track of their upcoming events, relive past ones, or tune in live, all from one place.
Easy streaming
Harness the power of member to member interaction with our chat function. Listen and respond to talking points. Engage with your community authentically.
User payments & profile
All audience account details are housed in the portal. One safe space. Just a few easy clicks to access exactly what you need.
Everything On-Demand
Just finished running an awesome presentation? With Acara, this’ll be the gift that keeps on giving. Keep your community continually engaged and transform event footage into on-demand content.

Members simply log into their audience portal, tune in and soak up the insights.
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